Designing Electrical Systems for Industrial Buildings
TECH LIGHT ELECTRIC takes on electrical work for large industrial plants and offices as well as residential and commercial properties in Chicago and area. Our trained electrical technicians possess the experience needed to assist with the design, installation, and control wiring of all types of manufacturing equipment.
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Ensuring Your Equipment Is Installed Correctly
One faulty or corroded wire is all it takes to shut down your manufacturing plant, costing you a small fortune in lost business on top of the bills to have it repaired. When we install our wiring, we ensure that the job is done perfectly and everything works before finishing up. An Extended warranty, plus service contracts are available for your company to utilize when working with our team. We have designed and completed these services for multiple businesses, including:
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Shopping Centers
• Office Buildings
• Retail Stores
• Parking Lots
• Restaurants
• Roadways
• Offices
Extending Your Service With Us
Big Ant Electric offers extended warranties. Call us to inquire.